Dungs ​Special services and products

13th May 2016

Gas business – with our the specialized technical team we can support demanding projects like

1. Complete assembled gas trains, Gas booster stations, according to your project's specification.

We have been manufacturing complete gas trains and complete gas systems for decades.

Use our experience and our service facilities.

Look in your projects, inform us about the technical parameters of your projects and we can deliver complete gas trains by giving you our full support and presence if needed.

2. Industrial burners, steam & industrial boilers.

3. Furnaces for beverages, kitchens ,for bakeries , for ceramic , for steel-steel mills, for aluminum , for glass production plants, for cement,for clay, for food industry , for sugar, for chemical plants , for pharmaceutical , etc.

4. Painting cabs for all these type of industries.

5. Radiant tube and infrared heaters and other type of air heaters.

6. Ventilation equipment such as humidifying and dehumidifying systems & desiccation systems such furnaces in industry and other systems.

7. Packaged Combined Heat Power systems for small or big capacities working in the low and the high pressure range.

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