Honeywell CM907 CMT907A1066 Timer thermostat


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Product Overview

Honeywell CM907 CMT907A1066 Timer thermostat

Honeywell Chronotherm is a programmable electronic thermostat to control your heating system such that it is comfortable when you are at home and you save energy when you are out.
Technical data:
Setting range: 5...30°C, program: 7 days with up to 6 time and temperature options, voltage supply: 2 AA Mignon alkaline batteries, type LR6, life time approx. 4 years, output relay: single-pole potential-free change-over contact, contacts up to 8 A resistive load, max, 3 A inductive load at 230 V ~/50 Hz, type of protection: IP 30,dimensions: 87 x 130 x 29 mm (H x W x D)
What does the CM67 Chronotherm do for me?
Its flat design makes it suitable for any room in your home.
The 7-day program and six individual temperature settings between 5 and 30°C ensure perfect adaptation to your life style at any time of the day. The party key allows temporary interruption of the set cycle (between 1 and 23 hours). This is useful for parties or if you leave the house for a short time only.
The Day Off key copies the Sunday settings for the following day, i.e. the CM67 follows the Sunday program if you have a day off.
The holiday key allows energy savings by reducing the temperature for
anything from 1 to 99 days, but it also ensures that the temperature
follows the normal heating program when you come back.
The memory saves the user program without any restrictions, i.e. it will not be lost even if the batteries are taken out.
An outdoor sensor (optional) can be connected to the CM67 and indicate the outside temperature.
With the optional telephone interface it is possible to set the temperature via telephone.
If the CM 67 is equipped with an external room temperature sensor
(optional), the temperature will be controlled according to the temperature in the corresponding room.