Honeywell V4044C1189 3/4" IT Three-way zone valve


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Product Overview

Honeywell V4044C1189 3/4" IT Three-way zone valve

The 3-way zone valves with electric actuation are used for two-point control as a mixer or distribution in hot water heating and domestic hot water (DHW)systems. They are particularly suitable for systems with circulating pumps and DHW priority circuit where a pressure increase in the DHW system and in the pipe network of the heating system shall take place. Depending on the application, they are controlled by a room thermostat or a boiler temperature controller in the heat exchanger which controls the domestic hot water heating. The built-in auxiliary switch (type F) is used for automatically on and off switching of the circuling pump and boiler, or other control device.

Technical data:
Version F = with auxiliary switch (5-wire)
Version C = without auxiliary switch (3-wire)
V 4044 F B + V 8044 C 1065 B: 1" connection with manual adjustment
V 4044 C 1312: being discontinued, residual stocks are still available