Siemens PXC4.E16, S55375-C100


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Product Overview

Siemens PXC4.E16, S55375-C100

Automation Station, 16 Input/Outputs, Modbus, BACnet/IP

Freely programmable automation station for HVAC and building service plants.

  • System functions (alarming, scheduling, trending, access protection)

  • Freely programmable (close resemblance to CEN standard 11312). All function blocks, available in libraries, can be graphically connected.

  • Total 16 onboard IO’s: 12 universal input/outputs and 4 relay outputs

  • Allows for the direct connection of I/O modules TXM. Up to 4 TXM modules (depending on the type) can be powered directly. Maximal number of inputs and outputs (onboard and TXM) is 40.

  • Integration of up to 40 Modbus data points

  • Direct connection of field devices; the automation station provides power supply for inputs and outputs as well as for active sensors.

  • Battery free: Energy reserve (Supercap) to support real-time clock (7 days)

  • Engineering and commissioning with the user-friendly tool ABT Site using graphical function charts

  • Generic object viewer for device local datapoints via an embedded web interface

  • BTL tested BACnet communication on IP (BACnet/IP and BACnet/SC) or BACnet MS/TP, in compliance with the BACnet standard including B-BC profile (Rev. 1.15)

  • BACnet secure communication

  • WLAN interface for engineering and commissioning

Compatible I/O extension modules:

  • TXM1.8D

  • TXM1.16D

  • TXM1.8U

  • TXM1.8U-ML

  • TXM1.8X

  • TXM1.8X-ML

  • TXM1.6R

  • TXM1.6R-M

  • TXM1.8P

  • TXM1.8T

  • TXM1.4D3R

HS Code: 85371091

Coo: Switzerland