Rapa EL BV01L2, 1/4", solenoid valve for heating oil

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Product Overview

Rapa EL BV0 1L2, 1/4", solenoid valve for heating oil

2/2 solenoid valve
directly controlled
closed in a de-energized state
approved by TÜV
Application range:
BV 01 valves are designed for low and medium performance oil burners. An integrated filter protects the valve from any particles in the oil.
You can choose from three different coils. The valves are certified acc. to DIN 32725 and approved as safety shut-off valves for EL oil. Also suitable for air, type of protection IP 54.
Solenoid coils:
The coils M 10, M 12 and M 13 correspond to: VDE 0580
Power consumption: approx. 8 W ~, 11 W =
rel. duty cycle (ED): 100 %
Operating voltage: +10% - 15%
Standard coil: up to 230 V ±
Liquid: Light EL oil acc. to DIN 51603
Temperature: 0 - +60°C
Material: RAPA: L
Material: ASTM: Synthet. Elasthomer
Ambient temperature: -10°C up to +60°C
Burst pressure > 50 bar
Flow rate: max. 3.0 l/min = 210 kg/h
Rated width: 2 mm
Flow coefficient: 1.4 l/min.
Operating pressure: 0-24 bar