Gas valve SIT 830 Tandem 0830036


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Gas valve SIT 830 Tandem 0830036

SIT 830 For devices with automatic flame monitoring with or without intermitting pilot burner. All fittings are accessible from the top. The valve can be mounted in any position. Description: Double safety solenoid, class B, silent operation. Pressure controller, group I Inlet and outlet are prepared for flange connection. Pilot gas outlet for Ø 4 mm, Ø 6 mm or Ø 1/4" pipes, throttle screw for adjusting the gas flow to the pilot burner. Gauge connection at inlet and outlet. Inlet filter and pilot gas filter. Thread connection M 8 x 1 for Ø 4 mm pipe for connecting the breather unit of the pressure controller to the combustion chamber. Technical data: Maximum input pressure: 50 mbar Output pressure: 3-50 mbar Ambient temperature: 0-60°C Operating voltage: 230 V 50 Hz Power consumption: 3.7 W per solenoid Type of protection: IP 54 Operation: Gas flow Both solenoids are connected to the main gas pipe in series. They are supplied through a single three-pole plug or a standard plug. Features: Operating features do not depend on mounting position. Wrong connection almost impossible since there is only one plug for both coils, quick valve assembly. Pressure control: The pressure is controlled by a direct controller adjustable between 3 and 50 mbar.